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We're Adapting with You!

For the past few months, we’ve watched as other parts of the world were affected by the Coronavirus. We watched closely as the infection spread and the death toll rose. And, as Americans usually do, we assumed we would be ok.  I mean, we typically are. But this virus has infiltrated our safe place, it’s sequestered us in our homes and made us question our future. The uncertainty is REAL!

Be Moore Interpreting is not far from that sentiment. We’ve had to adapt to a new way of doing business. The majority of our clients are schools. Therefore, most of our in-person assignments have canceled until further notice. One of our MA clients transferred their meetings to Zoom, which has made it easy for us to support their interpretation needs. We want to assure you; we’re still open for business. Our interpreters have Google Meet, Google Hangout, Zoom, Skype, and FaceTime available to support your business. We are aware of the budgetary restraints you’re facing and want to make our much-needed service accessible. As a result, we are waiving all two-hour minimums on video/telephonic interpretation.

As expected, as we’ve shifted to virtual life, we’ve seen an increase in translation requests. Nowadays, information is being disseminated quickly and changes daily. The need to communicate with clients, customers, and your community in the most transparent, most effective way is now higher than ever. And we want to support you. Starting today and until further notice, Be Moore Interpreting is waving the translation rush fee. Of course, we’d appreciate a couple of days so that we can keep up with the demand but understand that in some cases that’s not possible. When it’s not possible, you will NOT pay extra.

Our interpreting and translation firm is adapting just like you are. We’ve had to make drastic changes to address a severe crisis and are learning new lessons every day, as are you. Let’s work on supporting our community together, inform the people, and ensure everyone has full access to communication through interpretation and translation.

Written by: 

 Shirley X. Moore

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