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Shirley X. Moore, MS

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There are many words one could use to describe Shirley X. Moore: bold, wise, loyal, and resourceful. Let’s not forget passionate, energetic, outspoken and hilarious. All can agree that Shirley’s drive has a whole lot of love in its center. Every day she gives her everything to make sure others don’t have to. That brings to mind yet another other word - tireless. If you’ve ever taken one of her entrepreneurial courses, you would know to add sanguine to the list. 


Shirley was born in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, where she spent her summers, and was raised in the heart of Providence, Rhode Island. Starting at the age of six, Shirley kept finding herself in the oddest (to her at the time) of predicaments: interpreting. Her services were requested by relatives, friends, and the friends of friends. It became a paid job and thus, an entrepreneur was born. Shirley now finds herself the proud founder of Be Moore Interpreting. 


Shirley has a hunch that Be Moore Interpreting will take over the world. As the team works its way there, she continues to ensure that her business grows while helping business owners and organizations of RI meet the needs of their customers. She feels blessed when customers share positive feedback and to know the exceptional service Be Moore provides is accessible to the very community that helped cultivate it. 


Shirley credits her family as being her rock, reason, source of love, and the greatest of supporters. Shirley’s eyes light up when she mentions her mother who took such great care of her son, Jordan, which allowed her to attend school on the weekends. Her goal  was so palpable it came true exactly as she had envisioned - her son standing alongside his father, faces beaming, as she, in cap and gown, approached with diploma in hand. Shirley holds a Bachelor’s in Human Services and a Master’s in organizational management & leadership. She is a Wraparound Facilitator and the recipient of the Empowered Woman Award in 2021.


Shirley has built a home in Pawtucket, RI with her husband Ramel, their spunky son, their puppy, Myra, and over 70 plant babies. She and Ramel are honored to be the pastors of the Fortified Life Church in Providence. While she loves to share the word of Jesus, travel the world, and motivate Latina entrepreneurs, there is no other place she’d rather spend her Sundays than falling asleep on the couch with Jordan by her side.

Written by: Jacqueline "Jax" Cañola

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