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Puerto Rico Needs Us!

We know you’ve been watching the news and have heard Puerto Rico suffered a 6.4 earthquake on Tuesday, January 7th. We want to bring awareness to the island’s current condition.

Shirley and her family flew to Puerto Rico to bury her grandmother on January 4th, and what they experienced was unexpected. During the week that shew as on the island, she experienced over 500 earthquakes.

Puerto Rico has experienced over 2000 earthquakes since December 28th, 2019. The ground has not stopped quaking. It’s a daily experience for US citizens on the island. Their lives forever marked. Entire cities deemed uninhabitable as their structures are not structurally sound for habitation. Schools crumbling, hospital walls cracking, and bridges falling, that is the southwestern corner of Puerto Rico’s current situation.

As a member of the Puerto Rican Professional Association of RI (PRPARI), Shirley was interviewed by Channel 10 and 12 while on the island. The links to both interviews are below.

PRPARI is in coordination with Puerto Rico Rise Up, an island-based organization helping address the needs of the island’s residents after a crisis. If you’re interested in donating, please visit their website

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