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Meet the Team: Zandir Santos

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

Zandir Santos is Cape Verdean Creole interpreter and translator who graduated from Rhode Island College, 2010, Bachelor of Science in Management.

Zandir is passionate about filmmaking. In 2012, while living in Brooklyn, NY, he volunteered, interned and worked as a production assistant on low budget independent short and feature length films.

In 2013, he commenced his own independent filmmaking career writing, directing and editing his own short films. His releases include highly praised short films AMBIGUOUS, DEPARTURES & ARRIVALS, UNTIL DEBT DO US PART, among others.

Zandir’s audiovisual career spans from filmmaking, music videos and promo videos. His career in audiovisual has brought him to many places and countries in the world. He has filmed in America, France, Luxembourg, Spain, Portugal and in multiple islands in his home country, Cape Verde.

In addition to filmmaking, Zandir is an experienced website designer and a talented photographer.

With all of these skills and talents Zandir decided to pool them together and launch a digital marketing services company in 2020, Zandir offers digital marketing services ranging from Filmmaking (film, documentary), Website Design, Photography (portraits, headshots, etc), Music Videos and Promo Videos.

Zandir is very adamant about transparency in business, therefore on his website visitors can view all of his portfolios and pricing for the services he offers.

When asked about the importance of digital marketing Zandir sums it up with these words: We live in a digital world an if your business or business idea doesn’t have a digital presence, it doesn’t exist! Sure your idea is great, but that’s only the beginning. Vision is the beginning, execution is the process and winning is the objective. I offer digital marketing services to help clients win.

If you would like to know more about Zandir Santos and the digital marketing services he offers you can do so by visiting his website,


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