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Meet Lisa Castellano (Spanish Interpreter)

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

Lisa (pronouns: she/hers) joined us a couple of years ago! And has quickly become a client favorite. I am sure many of you can attest to her willingness to help out, commitment to quality and super respectful personality (she's a "yes ma'am" type of girl).

Why did you become an interpreter?

"I wanted to help people in a more meaningful and rewarding way. I was already bilingual. So, I gave it a shot and just ran with it. I loved interpreting from the moment I tried it. So, I never left." ❤️

How long have you been interpreting?

6 years.

What's something fun you think folks should know about you?

I love animals and nothing beats the Caribbean Sea for me.

What's it like to partner with Be Moore Interpreting?

It’s Amazing. They are one of a kind.

What are your personal goals and/or vision for your career?

I want to learn more languages and learn how to sign.


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