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Welcome to Be Moore Interpreting

Creatively bridging communication.

Be Moore Interpreting provides language support when you need it, where you need it most.
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About Us

We provide interpreting and translating services and are poised to be one of the world’s leading RI based interpreting agencies. Be Moore Interpreting is a Rhode Island Certified Minority and Women-Owned Enterprise, delivering exceptional quality language services. Our founder has well over 15 years of professional interpreting and translating experience at our Pawtucket location, near Providence.

Our Interpreter Agency Services



Our diverse team of translators are all over the globe. We have the most qualified translators to work on your documents.


Video conferencing offered through a HIPAA compliant, fully-secured platform. 



Interpreters are available throughout Rhode Island and New England for all your foreign language needs. 

Interpreting Equipment Rental

Are you hosting a conference and need interpreting equipment? Our rates are competitive and our team is at your disposal.

Our Vision

At Be Moore Interpreting, we envision a world where everyone has access to their community assets in spite of language barriers. A world where everyone’s voice is heard and validated.  A world where language is bridged by professionals in a manner that makes their clients feel as if they were never present.

Our Founder

There are many words one could use to describe Shirley X. Moore: bold, wise, loyal, and resourceful. Let’s not forget passionate, energetic, outspoken and hilarious. All can agree that Shirley’s drive has a whole lot of love in its center. Every day she gives her everything to make sure others don’t have to. That brings to mind yet another other word - tireless. If you’ve ever taken one of her entrepreneurial courses, you would know to add sanguine to the list.

Join Our Team

We're always looking to add interpreters and translators to our fast growing team. We have a wide array of customers in different industries, i.e. legal, medical, schools, universities, etc. So, there's a place for everyone! 
Come share your interpreting and translating skills with the world.


Be Moore Interpreting is integral in the work we do. Their professionalism, warm and welcoming demeanor, and quick-on-their-feet thinking makes our job so much easier. With Shirley and her team, we don't have to worry about language being yet another barrier in sharing crucial resources to our community. Shoutout to Ruth, an amazing interpreter!

- Jax

SEIU Education and Support Fund Director

1199NE Child Care Training Fund

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